#6577 by skuo
Mon Aug 12, 2002 10:32 pm
I apologize if I'm in the wrong group but I really hope some experts here can give me a few ideas on how I can load the Linux OS image into this Intel flash. Any information would be appreciated.

I'm porting Linux to a set top box (a Pentium class PCI machine) which has an Intel E28F128 as its default boot device. I have been told I can boot the system from IDE harddrive as an alternate device and then load the OS image from the harddrive using a flash tool. Questions:
- What is the right flash tool to load Intel E28F128? I know UniFlash supports this particular flash but is it the right tool to use for the job? Anything else more suitable for a nivice user like myself?
- How can I pack the complete Linux into one Image file such as .bin file so it can be loaded using the flash tool?