#41164 by why
Sat Sep 30, 2006 8:18 pm
How do I make a bootable cdrom that can flash the BIOS?
The mainboard is: K8N Neo NVIDIA nForce 2 for AMD Athlon, MS-7030 (v1.x) ATX mainboard, G52-M7030X3.

The computer isn't working at all anymore, black screen, when I turn it on the the floppy led doesn't light up (I once set the BIOS so that it wouldn't boot from floppy). The cdrom led lights up a few seconds and it spins. The Harddisk also spins a bit.
The BIOS is completely gone because of using Winflash, probably used the wrong BIOS, I know I renamed a file called: W7030NMS.210, Winflash couldn't see that file as a .bin file so I renamed it to something like W7030NMS,210.bin.

At the moment I cannot get into the computercase because they have to send me a special key to open it, may take a week. There seem to be a jumper called: JBAT1, clear CMOS jumper, hope that could help.

But I would rather have a bootable cdrom with a flash on it. I already tried flash.cd from bootdisk.com but it did not work, maybe I did something wrong.