IBM Surepath BIOS IRQ Table (IBM Aptiva 2142)

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Hi all,

Since the machine was new, IRQ steering in Windows (95, 98, 98SE or Me) has never functioned. Various error messages appear under the status tab of "PCI Bus" in the device manager.

For instance, under Win 95, the error messages read:

"IRQ Steering Disabled"
"IRQ routing table transferred to Miniport successfully"
"Miniport rejected IRQ table"
"IRQ table not found".

...whereas in Win 98 & Me, they simply state:

"IRQ Steering disabled"
"IRQ table has some errors".

This error would appear to be common among the Aptiva 21xx family, as I have read a number of posts on different forums on the subject. Also, no combination of the user adjustable system variables, either in the O/S or thw BIOS clears the error.

It is my understanding that the basic IRQ table is contained within the system BIOS.

If I am correct in this belief, please can anyone enlighten me as to how to verify and if necessary correct the IRQ table in the system BIOS ?

I know the machine was around in Noah's time, but my reason for looking for the answer now is that I've just rebuilt the O/S, and feel that the machine should perform properly.

Any answers will be most gratefully received.


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Craig Hart's PCI program can shed some light on this.

Use the Plain DOS version (make a boot disk) to see what is going on before Windows gets a hold of things.

Use the switches /b /d /p for the full output.
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