#47995 by ateneo
Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:17 pm
Hi i have an Intel D945GCNL mother board and i cannot update the bios. I have tested the three methods they provide, but no results.
- First trying with the Windows software and the installer tell me that is not for my system.
- The DOS flash cannot update i says "Previous Bios ID:" wich nothing appears (and i suppouse it should appear the old id) and it says the new one and it fails.
- The recovery method taking the jumper off the board trough Floppy or CD-COM give me fail too.
- I have tryied loading defaults, resetting cmos taking the battery off for more that 20 min and short circuiting the battery "+" and "-" and nothing works.
AFAIK iFlash is made by Intel and i have executed it with "/?" in a DOS enviroment but there are options that i dont understand.

Anyway it seems no way out. Any help?