#42756 by cp
Thu Dec 28, 2006 3:34 pm
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#42756 by cp
Thu Dec 28, 2006 3:34 pm
5. Set all 3 memory banks to interleave (offsets 64/65/66) from D4 to D6 (i.e. set right most 2 bits from 00 to 10 (4-way). Ran Prime95 for 5.5 hours with no errors or warnings.

No change on the sample Load times or Everest Memory timings.

strange. memory performance should have gone up at least by 10-15% especially with a synthetic test.

you can do the following:
remove all modules except one and set the memory timing to 'TURBO' for the bank you put that module in. now load memtest and check the module (should go faster because you're using 1 module only). redo this test with every module. mark the module(s) that causes errors. redo the whole procedure for the marked modules (only) with memory timings set to 'FAST', then with 'NORMAL'. by now you should have all your modules marked with the memory timings they are able to deal with. with the chipset being able to set different memory speeds for each module you can now max out every single module. set the speeds in the bios accordingly, boot windows and set 4-bank-interleaving by hand. done :)

if you want even more % you can set bios memory speed to 'NORMAL', put in one module and boot windows. now start wpcredit and set the timings one after another. after each modified setting load everest and do a memory speed test. if the module isn't able to handle the setting, your system will most probably crash at once. so don't mess around with any important data while doing this ;)
i'd start off with 4-way-interleaving, then CL, tRAS, tRCD and tRP. even if a module isn't able to handle let's say tRAS=2 it could go with tRP=2..so don't stop if your system crashes. just skip the setting that made it crash.

oh and btw.
DDR Write enable - currently disabled

don't do anything here. not supported, not implemented, not working. really!