#56777 by WTK779
Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:06 pm
Hi all

My pc is based on mainboard PCChips M810LR, Chipset: SiS 730 rev 2, socket 462 Athlon 2200+

The bios is Amibios in in Plcc32 686 AMIBIOS® © 1999 AS23 1083 chip ATMEL AT49F002T_V3

I have a bios chip poorly written, I tried to update it but I had disabled the Usb ports, can not write
with utilities Aminfxxx

Perhaps bootblock does not allow the new writing on Plcc32

Recommended me the best utility for flashing the bios?

What kind of chips can replace PLCC32 Atmel AT49F002T_V3

Thanks in advance :D