Modbin and NF7-s BIOS

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Ok I want to modify the values shown in the Nf7-S (ABIT) BIOS with modbin. I did all the changes from pure DOS. The changes I made was the values on Optimized default(so not have to reset the hole thing when Clearing CMOS) + the values on Vdimm. I ve done the vdimm mod and need the BIOS to show me on menu the real ones now. The problem is that the option are 2.4, 2.5,2.6,2.7 and not the values shown when bin is in the rom (2.6,2.7,2.8,2.9). I found that this values goes according to the revision of the mobo, rev1 do the 2.4-2,7 & rev2 do 2.6-2.9. The problem is that if i change the shown values from modbin 2.4-2.7 to 2.9-3.2 the menu when flashed show me of course the second part of the values (2.6-2.9)
  • How can I make to show me the Bin the second parts of values (the ones for my mobo) so that I can edit them?
  • has it something to do with the menu Edit CT/OEM register?
  • do i have to use another tool?
Sorry my English sacks
Thanx in advance
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