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#54595 by sharky
Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:21 pm

flashrom ( recently got support for DOS (it has been available for Linux/FreeBSD/NetBSD/MacOSX for quite some time). I thought maybe some people would be interested.

  • Free
  • Support for pretty much every modern flash chip (especially SPI flash)
  • Support for pretty much every chipset released in the last 12 years (some new Nvidia chipsets are work in progress)
  • Support for a few network cards, SATA/PATA(IDE) controllers, graphics cards
  • Support for external flasher/programmer hardware (in case you don't want to hotflash/crossflash), e.g. cheap FT2232H USB cables, expensive dedicated Dediprog programmers
  • Active development
  • Open source (GPL)
  • Support on the flashrom mailing list (if you like mailing lists) and IRC
  • If something goes wrong, you can ask the developers for a patch before you reboot
  • Reflash from a running system, no enforced reboot. If something goes wrong while flashing under Linux/..., you can keep using the machine and retry as often as you want (well, until you switch the machine off)
  • Crossflashing/hotflashing supported (flashrom doesn't check mainboard/ROM matching at all)
  • If you want support for an unsupported chip, just ask

  • Doesn't support Windows yet (well, some stuff is supported under Windows and there are patches for full functionality)
  • You have to compile the source code yourself