#17550 by speedo
Sat Jun 28, 2003 2:07 am

I have this MSI PCB and there seem to be 7 bios updates online(5.1-5.7).
I downloaded everyone of them now. I was wondering if i had to do all the updates one by one to make sure that i have all the new features that every previous biosversion installs. In other words, will i have the update feature from(e.g.) version 5.3 when i install the latest biosversion 5.7?Or will i only have the latest features from 5.7 and not the previous addons? Which means that i would have to upgrade every update one by one...

Isnt it nesecairy to upgrade them all one by one, because when i look at the file size, they are all the same size, so, how can the last update have all the features of the previous ones without being bigger in size? Or am i wrong here? Please help me out! Thnx