#33564 by westwood
Tue Aug 30, 2005 9:15 am
I can't use uniflash to flash a modified BIOS file, but if I use official tools like "awdflash" ,i can flash that BIOS file correctly.

when flashing awd BIOS, i find the parameter "Ld" and "X" in the "procedure AMDSecProg(Pos, Data : LongInt)" is not equal.

for example:

" ......


TimeOut := 30; {should take no more than 200usec, we wait 300 max}
X := Flash_Read(Pos+Y);

...... "

And i don't know the reason. Does anyone have any idea what should i do?

northbridge: 'i82845'
southbridge: 'i82801BA ICH2'
chip : sst 49LF002A
BIOS : Award