#27420 by copycat
Sat Sep 11, 2004 6:18 pm
I tryed to upgrade my BIOS. I've downloaded the latest from Abit site, started the flash utility (AWDFLASH.EXE v.8.23) and eveything was o.k. I observed instructions from BIOS help very earnest. The BIOS had updated himself, I reset it with jumper (first remove the power cable) and reboot the machine. And the first I saw after reboot was: "BIOS cheksum bad".... F1 to continue. After the second reboot (without reseting again) a new message appears: "CPU is unworkable or has been changed. Please recheck - CPU SOFT MENU". ?!? But in spite of this, machine is working somehow and everything else looks good. The bad thing is that when I get into BIOS and do make any changes, I cannot record any - BIOS stop working and I have to reset it again. So BIOS always is with default settings, which are loaded after reseting. Please can anyone help me. I cannot use my PC well and also cannot change my proccessor with the new one I already took.
I'm on a Abit KT7A v.1.3 mobo and still with AMD Athlon@950Mhz. :?
And after all, please people excuse me for my english - I hope u understand it all.