#5134 by redring
Wed Jul 10, 2002 7:55 pm
i just upgraded my notebook bios yesterday,
& also backup my old bios,(PHLASH /bu)
PHLASH made a bios.bak file

but i chould't recover my old bios from bios.bak
(c:\PHLASH bios.bak)
it said that
" bios.rom close failed
press anykey to reboot "

anyone have a suggestion?

(my Notebook, got some problems when using the new bios, and i chould't find out the old ver bios rom on WWW,now i only have the BIOS.BAK made by PHLASH /bu)

another question
how to change the boot LOGO in the (phoenix-bios)rom?
where to get the tool?
OR how to edit it ?
(there are only some tools for Award-bios LOGO)

i am a chinese
sorry for my bad English

Thanks ur anwsers!!!