#50503 by execcese
Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:25 am
Reading laptop BIOS Post Codes with a second PC

I have purchased a Post Code Adapter but it's readings make no sense to me.
My faulty laptop is a Toshiba S2450-S203, after switch-on the following front LED's are
lit: DC IN 15V, Power, Battery & Disk. There are no beeps and nothing on the screen.
I do have the post code meanings but the final reading for the adapter at parallel port of
my faulty laptop was 00FF and before that LP__, END_, 5005, then flashing numbers.
These do not tell me what is wrong.

Because the post codes are issued to the parallel port I would have expected that
someone would have written a program to log these messages on another PC via a direct
parallel port cable connection. Does anyone know of any such software?