same version but different contents ?

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i have upgradeted my bios to the latest version and after i dumped/saved the new binarys bios with the flash bios utility.
So that now i have two bios: the original binary from the mother board factory and binary dumped from my machine (they should be the same..)
My question is: it's ok that thes two bios are differents in their contents ?
And also .. an other question:
is theoretically possible that a virus can write/flash the a bios with a new bios infected with him self ?
thx a lot and sorry for my poor english.
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If they're differet versions, it makes sense that they are different. Otherwise, why update a BIOS if the next version is exactly the same as the one you had?

As for the viruses, I think such viruses exist, but don't quote me on that.

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yep. most likely the Plug-n-Play area in the bios has something different in it. And the harddisk parameter bit and the time/date bit and maybe some DMI info. Nothing much to worry about.

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well my explanation was been really bad.
i try again:

1) i have the f3 version installed in my system
2) i have downloaded a new bios from my mother board's site, the f7 version (f7.bin)
3) i have flashed with the new version, f7
4) now i have a new bios installed
5) i dumped/saved the new bios installed (f7-2.bin)
6) then i compared the f7.bin from the mother board's site with the f7-2.bin
and they are different... there something like 10k of code that are different.

Where is the plug-n-play area ?
and anyone know where can i find any informations about the inner structure of a bios ?
I know something about assembley and i'd like to understand how a bios works.
Thnx a lot.
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