#4147 by Sarajlija
Sat Jun 22, 2002 3:19 am
I'm trying to learn how to change the energy star logo in my bios.
Until now all I found is for Award bios but "my luck" is that I have AMI bios so I don't know if those programs will work for me too.

My mainboard is Gigabyte model 7VTXH with dual bios

Flash memory type : SST 39SF020 /5V
Flash memory size : 2M Bits (00000-3FFFF)
Bios Model version : AMI BIOS GA-7VTXH F4
Bios version : 062710 (I didn't upgrade it until now. Works fine for me)

Now I have been thinking, what a hell let's try and see if I can do it mainly because I have dual bios feature so even if something goes wrong the mainboard will keep on working.


In theory this should be true. Simply I just don't have guts to test my luck.

So to finish.
Will award util work for ami bios too?
Because I have dual bios is it possible that backup bios understand changes as malfunction of primary bios? (in that case he will restore primary bios)
If award tools can't be used for AMI is there any other that can.
And finally is there a way to have full screen logo in AMI bios?

I know I ask a lot. :)

Thank you.