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#50838 by richardaburton
Fri Oct 24, 2008 6:13 pm
I wanted to update the microcode in my bios on an older P4 machine, but after much googleing couldn't figure out for sure what the latest version for my processor was. I couldn't find any sites with a recent definitive list of them, or anywhere with a good download collection. Tutorials for updating your microcode suggested extracting them from newer versions of the bioses for other motherboards that use the same socket type.

In the end I discovered you can download the entire set from Intel, but they are in a crappy format. I wrote this tool to extract all of them into the normal 2k binary files that you want to put in your bios. ctmc likes them, and they match examples from my own bios so I'm pretty confident of the results.

It also extracts the larger updates (I assume for newer processors), but I can't validate them - ctmc doesn't like them, but I suspect that's probably because of their size, they are probably fine. Ideally you should validate some of them before trusting the results.

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