Toshiba flash utility, TBDECODE.DLL and such.

Discusses BIOS flashers and utilities from Award, AMI and Uniflash
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Hello everybody

Is there somebody who has interest in decoding/uncompressing/extracting the BIOS of a modern Toshiba laptop?

This would be necessary to enable Tohsiba users to mod their BIOSes. I have found the file TBDECODE.DLL within the Windows BIOS-Update, so I suppose, that that file is the one who expands the file bio0044t com-file so that the bios can be patched.

I use IDA Free to look at what that file is doing, but have not found out anything really interesting, other than how this exported function is declared:
int/pointer BuDecodeFile(char* buffer, int/pointer something, int/pointer something...possibly a bool);

What I have managed is to use bool BuIsFileCompressed(char *buffer) (returns true... what a surprise ;P) and BuGetFileSize(char *buffer) (returns 794880, for whatever reason).

If anyone wants to help me, please send me a PM.

Greetings 3-R4Z0R

Edit - Removed e-mail address. KW
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