uniflash 1.25 and PCI Devices

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I think I found a bug in Uniflash 1.25.

I can read out the ROMs from PCI VGA adapters (MGA Mil 1; S3Trio64); but i can not read out the ROM from AGP VGA adapters.
Is there a problem with the number of the PCI-BUS? PCI->0 AGP->1
I used an ASUS P5A and a DFI K6V3+/66 and a ELSA ERAZOR II AGP.
The result file has only ff inside.

Any Ideas?

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There is a problem with mapping the card's ROM into memory space. The PCI-to-AGP bridge is initialized by BIOS and forwards only certain addresses to AGP card. UniFlash does not check the bridges, it maps card's ROM onto a fixed address in memory space and then reads it. When this address is not inside the memory "window" that bridge forwards, you will get only FFs.
Fixing this problem requires some more work - it will not be fixed in v1.26 (which will be released soon), but maybe in v1.27.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at http://wims.rainbow-software.org
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