#22876 by jiteo
Fri Jan 16, 2004 12:12 am
Hello forum,

First, my question: if both the chipset and the BIOS chip are supported by Uniflash, and if the chip will fit on the motherboard, then I can flash that chip on that motherboard regardless of ROM size and pin assignment? Correct?

Now, if you have time, read the rest, which, without being key to understanding the question, provides some context information.

I just want to make sure what I have been able to gather about Uniflash is correct. And seeing as Rainbow reads this forum, I would like to suggest that he includes the answer I am hoping to get with the documentation that comes with Uniflash.

And now, if you still have time, why not read the whole story? I have access to two (pretty old) motherboards: one is BIOS dead and mine, the other is my friend's and alive, I want to use my friend's motherboard to hot-flash the BIOS chip from my own motherboard. The chips the motherboards use are both 5V DIPs, but mine is 256KB and his is 128KB, hence the pin assignment is also different. Now had both been mine, I wouldn't hesitate, but if the hot-flashing goes wrong, I will owe my friend a motherboard. And that is why I am posting this, I want to be sure that if I hot-flash, me making a mistake will be the only source of risk.

Thanks for reading this whole thing! And thanks for answering!