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Dear friends

I've a PcChips' motherboard model M748LMRT with bios' chip model ASD AE29F2008.
This motherboard never been the bios update, the bios is in the original version (I think the version is from 1995).
I download the most recently ROM BIOS and the AMIFLASH utility from PcChips site but when I try to update the bios always occour a problem.
The motherboard is working ok ( using windows, linux, etc), but I want to use a new processor in this motherboar and I must do the update to get this.
I see in a forum a comment to use UNIFLASH (universal flash bios utility) to "force" the BIOS update.
When I try to update the BIOS using UNIFLASH, the program returns "UNKNOW CHIPSET".
Searching in the net, I discover that exists falses copies of M748LMRT BIOS, and the BIOS CHIP AE29F2008 in the truth is a Winbond W29C020(C).
Ok, I try to use UNIFLASH with the parameter -FORCE DA45 (DA45 = informs to the UNIFLASH that the BIOS CHIP is a Winbond W29C020(C)), and the program really shows other options in the main screen.
When I choose to put the new BIOS version (downloaded from PcChips site) the program start to update, but in the progress bar appears RED itens, showing that anything is wrong, but in the end of the process the program ask to me if I want to continue exactly with errors.
If I update the BIOS exactly with errors, what will happen?
The motherboard will still do a boot?

Thanks and sorry about may bad english (I'm brazilian)
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Do NOT continue the flash.

I suggest you get another bios chip for this board and flash the new bios on that and NOT on the ASD AE29F2008. ASD bios chips are extremely flakey, fragile and known to die often after a bios flash.

Do not assume anything

System error, strike any user to continue...
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