#28059 by Borg Number One
Sun Oct 24, 2004 9:08 pm
Uniflash is a really amazing and small all-purpose flash utility.
If you like it too then please make a screenshot, write some notes and add them here.
So you:
1.can show your "unique":) configuration of BIOS & Chipset type.
2.prove that UniFlash really works with maaaaaaaany BIOSes & Chipsets.
3.help to increase this gallery.

To get colored ASCII-Screenshoots you can take PCXDUMP.
Then you can convert the pcx to any smaller file(png, gif, jpeg) you want.

Here are the first screenshoots/animations:

Mainboard: Chaintech CT-6BTA2
UniFlash ver.: 137
Screengrabber: PCXDUMP

General Overview:

Flashing BIOS in two ways:
1.) prompt/enter the file name

2.)Open the built-in file handler.
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