#13783 by Happy^Ninja
Wed Feb 12, 2003 2:10 am
Ok, I've got this MS-6380V3 mobo from MSI that as far as I'm concerned is a special edition of the MS-6380V2 with a special Fujitsu-Siemens BIOS.
I've asked a few people about it and they say it is ok to use the BIOS update from MSIs site to upgrade but I'm not feeling that lucky.
I have compared pictures of the V2 board with my V3 board and I've noticed that everythings the same, even the colors on the components.
As far as I know there are no updates for the V3 (I've checked Fujitsu-Siemens site).
And I also find it quite annoying to have these limitations such as not being able to overclock the CPU.

The question is: Is it safe to use the BIOS update for the V2 on my V3?