#26734 by Antz
Sun Jul 25, 2004 11:38 pm
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#26734 by Antz
Sun Jul 25, 2004 11:38 pm
well I'm new here,

at first, HI :D

I'm screwing at an old PC, just for fun,
its a 486 with an 5x86-133 Amd, and , I am astonished, there is an Flash Bioschip on the Board.
Now I changed the Epa-Logo with Convert 1.2 and want to reflash it to the Chip, but it wont work
there is always the Message that the Chip couldnt be erased,
trying Awdflash from Ver. 52c on to 8x, only the v.5x recognize the Flashchip, as 28F010 /12V
thats agree to the Jumpersetting (can change between 12V and 5V Eprom)

whats is the Reason ?
is the flashutil to young ?,
in the Manual of the Board stands something about Awdflash V1.2 !!
does that have someone still?

hope somebody can help,

greets from Vienna,