#4460 by Jusick2002
Sat Jun 29, 2002 2:39 am
I have Win ME and after flashing my BIOS something made me go to C:/Settings/Control Panel/System/Device Manager. Under System Devices, I noticed that I had a yellow exclamation mark beside the System Board Extension for PnP BIOs icon. After clicking on the System Board Extension For PnP BIOs icon Properties box, on the General Tab in the Device Status box, it says: This device is causing a resource conflict (code 15). To resolve the conflict, click Hardware Troubleshooter and follow the instructions in the wizard. Nothing happens when I click on Hardware Troubleshooter icon. What's even more strange is that when I click on the Resources Tab, in the conflicting device list box, it says no conflicts. Man, what's going on? Shouldn't the conflicts be listed? What should I do? Should I remove the System Board Extension for PnP BIOs icon from my computer? Please give me some enlightening feedback? In my next
post, I will give you some information that may help you assist me in my situation

Yours Truly, John B. Turner, III aka Jusick

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