#13041 by Draven
Sun Jan 26, 2003 2:38 pm
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#13041 by Draven
Sun Jan 26, 2003 2:38 pm
Ok i know i'm a beginner in this...
But i would like to overclock my AMD xp1800+ 1,53GHZ cpu.
And i have a fujitsu Siemens Computer and the bios seems to be write protected.

I think that if i can upgrade the bios i could get along with this....

So i downloaded the right Bios from MSI's homepage (My board is K7T Pro2 MS6380 ver3) and comes from MicroStar...

Followed the guide here in "Flashing the bios for non FAT file system users"

And when i execute the two files AMIFL827 A6380VMS.370 .I got the following messages "The flash part isn't supported .Add in a proper module or assign another one" "please also make sure the bios isn't writeprotected"
And then i can' t do a thing in the flash utility window menu....?

So i check my bios for an "Flash protection sign"..but THERE is none .So if my solution is a bios that is write protected How in .... can i disable it ??

PLEASE i am desperate.. spending so much time with this and still i'm stuck right where i started...