Where can i get a AMI bios settings utility

Discusses BIOS flashers and utilities from Award, AMI and Uniflash
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:cry: i have a bios that is completly automatic and i want to overclock my settings. It there a utility that will let me do this? my bios is AMI 586-HiFlex-Bios V23.00
Please anyone.
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I have an Intel D850EMV2 that has that AMI 586-HiFlex-Bios v23.00 as well. What do you mean by "automatic" ? Do you mean the BIOS has advanced features disabled? I'm curious about this particular BIOS because my board has no overclocking features. When I upgrade the processor to a Pentium 4 3.06 GHz, a POST screen says the pc800 RDRAM modules I have should be pc1066. Can the RAM I have be overclocked to match the processor?
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