#23663 by curacao
Mon Feb 16, 2004 4:47 pm
I have a Fic VB601 motherboard version 1.3 with the next BIOS:

Award Modular v4.60pgma,
1.15ME132 bios, alltough a sticker next to the Bios states 1.15ME11s
ID 03/08/199 i440BX-2A69KF09C-00,
IO Winbond 977TF-AW.

On this site I have found several Bin and Awd files, from 1.15ME10 up to 1.15ME130 but do'nt know wich to choose. Also I found 1.15ME4118 can I use this last one to? Which is the latest version. I understand I can't use the files of the series MI, MC or somewhat else.

My first concern for upgrading is to use a slot 1 Pentium III 800MHz.

Plse HELP! :?