Wrong BIOS flashed. Reprogrammed with Willem Pic Programmer

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We have a strange problem.

We have a Shuttle computer and we have (we think) flased a wrong bin file into the BIOS.

Result : When you start the computer, nothing happens. The fan is running at full speed, but nothing comes on the screen.

So we thought to buy a WILLEM programmer. We bought it in Hong KONG.
The BIOS chip is a SST49F004A (a 4 mbit chip).
We have downloaded a couple of bios flash files of which we are CERTAIN that they work well.

We have flased the EEPROM as we can read the content with WILLEM programmer and the .bin file is programmed in the chip.

BUT....the computer still does not start !!

Now is my question :

Are there certain parameters that needs to be set on the Willem programmer so that the chip is programmed in another way (you can put 16 bit or 32 bit programming, etc etc...)

Who has experience with reprogramming a Phoenix Bios flash chip with a Willem Programmer ?

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What is the exact model number silkscreened on the board and what bios files have you been using? What was the reason to flash this bios in the first place?

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thanks for your reply.
It is solved in the mean time.
we did try with a bios a version earlier and that did the trick.
The shuttle computer was wrongly labelled....it says on the label in the back V3 and it is a V2 !!

THanks anyhow.

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