Clear the Partition Table

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There are times when Fdisk can not delete the partition table.... But a small debug script will do the job.

The following debug script can be used to clean the master partition table. After running this script, the FDISK program should be used to create partition/partitions.

1. Boot from a MS-DOS version 7.0 (Win98 or Win95) formatted floppy and run the DEBUG program.
Note - If you want large disk support (Fat32) you will need a later version of 95 or any version of 98.
2. Start debug and Enter the following commands.
Note you are entering a small assembler program.

The machine's responses are:

-F 200 L1000 0
-A CS:100
xxxx:0100 MOV AX,301<ENTER>
xxxx:0103 MOV BX,200<ENTER>
xxxx:0106 MOV CX,1<ENTER>
xxxx:0109 MOV DX,80<ENTER> <-- "80" for hd 0, "81" for hd 1
xxxx:010C INT 13<ENTER>
xxxx:010E INT 20<ENTER>
Program terminated normally

NOTE - Run at your own risk as this is non-recoverable.
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the program can be put on a boot disk and if you use the /delall command, it will remove all partitions and put a blank MBR.

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