Links to UDMA (ATA) mode setting tools

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Useful links if you need to set the UDMA mode of your drive because your motherboard doesn't support it:

Fujitsu UDMA setting tool for MPG series drives.
Fujitsu UDMA setting tool for MPD, MPE, MPF series drives.
Hitachi Global Storage (was IBM) page with utility to create IBM Feature Tool bootable diskette.
The Maxtor Drive ATA mode setting utility is not apparently available at, so email Seagate tech support.
Quantum Fireball tools were archived at Maxtor, so email Seagate tech support for those too.
Samsung SETUDMA UltraDMA Mode Switch utility
Samsung hutil tool including UDMA mode setting - menu driven
Samsung sutil tool including UDMA mode setting - command line driven
Seagate "Ultra-ATA toggle" utility
Western Digital Data LifeGuard Ultra ATA manager can no longer be found at Try searching the internet for

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