486 DX4 chip not recgonized properly.

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I decided to try an intel DX4ODPR100 and a DX4ODP100 chip in my old ALR FLYER RS170. When I boot up the bios says the chip is a DX2 66 chip and i get the following error message: Internal cache test failed - cache is disabled.

Linux detects the chip as being a DX4 chip, and its speed rating is approximately 3x greater than the old 33 mHz chip that I had so it seems to be running at 100 mHz.

I have a pheonix bios version 1.01.12m, and was wondering if there was an upgrade for it somewhere. I can't seem to figure out the manufacture of the motherboard though. ALR was acquired by Gateway and there are no updates to be found there. About the only help i got from searching there was to go to www.firmware.com. Since the computer isn't worth much of anything except sentimental value :roll: I was looking for a more cost effective solution. Also, it would be nice to get EZ-drive off of my master boot record...but that would be a topic for a different forum lol. Any advice would be appreciated.
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I'm afraid there is not likely to be much chance of gettng a Phoenix BIOS patched, so your best bet is, as you suggest, to see if there is a later BIOS somewhere. However, as I'm sure you have found, Google does not help much. Are there any numbers marked on the PCB ?

The Intel DX4-100 has an internal 3x multiplier (I have one of these in a box, as well as an AMD 5x856-120 which runs well at 4x40MHz with a fan. However, my 486 mobo does not disable the cache.
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