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#14006 by Ger@ld
Fri Feb 21, 2003 10:12 am

I have modify the last aviable BIOS F2a for this Gigabyte mainboard. I have enabled IrDA support (Button was hidden) and I have change the CPU Table. Source CPU Table was the BIOS for Gigabyte 2000+ Board what have the same CPUs plus Tualatin, like 686 BX. I have check this with cbrom and compare the ID's by Intel's processor spec finder on developer page.
With old P2/233 and FCPGA1 Celleron 1,1 GHz it working fine, 1,4 GHz Tualatin Celleron with Upgradeware T-Adapter it detect and dispay this processor correct, then stop the BIOS and freeze before IDE detection begun.
Any idea, what's wrong? :(
Core Voltage 1,5 V be ok, i have mesure it.