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#38891 by Odysseus
Sat May 20, 2006 9:11 am
Hello everyone, at first i want to say sorry for my probably bad english in the following lines, but as u may imagine, it's hard to write what you think in a language u don't know by heart.

Here my problem:

I bougt an Athlon XP-M 2800+ with the well known IQYHA stepping, the vendor promised it would work @3200+ (11*200).
Now, i got the Gigabyte Mainboard, GA-7N400S-L, it is very stable and you can change every setting your could wish, except for the multiplier -.- .

In a few Forums i could find problems concerning my MB and xp-m cpu's, in the most cases the multiplier was set to 6 default by the mainboard, making the cpu work with 800Mhz.
I now have 2 questions to you (modding) folks :) .

1. Could it be possible to change the multiplier with a software tool, if the MB doesn't support that as long as the multiplier isn't locked? (EasyTune eg. supports fsb changes under winXP, but the ratio of my 2000+ can't be changed, either cause the board doesn't support it or caused by the fact that this cpu is locked)

2. Could someone of u tell me how to hack/change the bios, so that it correctly detects my athlon xp-m with the settings i wish (meaning 11*200) OR make it possible to change the multiplier in the bios settings? (btw. i've no idea how to change anything inside those *.bin files)

In fact, i want my MB to detect the 2800+ athlon xp-m (133*16) as an athlon xp 3200+ (11*200) or at least with the multiplier set to 11 by default.

Its an Award Bios v6.00PG
the version i'm currently using can be downloaded here:


All versions of this Bios can be found here:


I found out that the *.bin can be opened with modbin, but i don't no where to add the profile (microcode!?) of my cpu if that's possible anyway. PLEASE someone HELP! ;) (It's very hard for me to find information concerning to my problem in forums, because every forum i found is english ^^. thats why i depend on your help guys)

I really don't want to buy a new mainboard, cause i like this one a lot :).
Looking forward to your answers,
thx ;)