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#38371 by PointerToVoid
Tue Apr 25, 2006 1:43 am
Good evening !
I put a PentiumIII 800MHz/100MHz/1.65V and a Socket370 to Slot-1 adapter on a Biostar M6vbe (not -A) that runs with a 450MHz. Though the M6vbe's doc only mentions a 500MHz/100MHz/2.05V, some users report success with a modified Bios.

My computer doesn't start. All voltages are fine (including 1.65V), fans rotate, but the screen stays black and the buzzer doesn't sound. And the Pentium isn't warm enough.

The Bios is the original one : Award v4.51pg 177748347 (1998) 07/06/1999-692-596-8671-2A6LGB09C-00. The chipset is VT82C693+VT82C596A [NOT 692, though Bios string]

May the Bios cause this? And which Bios may work?
Thank you !