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#24031 by KachiWachi
Sat Feb 28, 2004 4:00 pm
Hi All!!

I'm finally going to upgrade my girlfriend's son's computer with a new CPU to fix the "freezing" problem noted with this particular unit (MEW-AM motherboard, Socket 370).

I currently have the v2.06 BIOS installed, though the last release was v2.10. I've heard that v2.06 was more stable, so that's why it was installed at a previous "service". In v2.07 they added CPU support, removed some features (SMART monitoring 200msec) and also "zero the first 8MB of extended memory"...not sure what this means. In v2.08 they added B stepping for 933 and 1GHz CPU's. In v2.09 they removed IO APIC support. In v2.10 they added more CPU support again (10/11X multipliers).

Currently he has a PIII 667MHz SL3VK (stepping cA2, 0681h, 667/133, 256 L2). For this board not to hang, a 100MHz bus CPU is required. (So they tell me anyway... :roll: I tried the PCI video card stays up longer, but still freezes.)

I'm looking for an 068h, cC0 stepping PIII, which could go as high as 900 with a 100MHz bus. Support for cC0 was introduced in the v2.02 BIOS, so this should work fine. (<-- I think...????)

I have recently seen a 068Ah, cD0 stepping CPU that may work, but from what I gather from the BIOS list, this stepping was added in the v2.07 BIOS.

If I try to install this using the v2.06 BIOS, it won't work...correct??

Will a Tualatin (tA1, tB1) work in this board? v2.10 BIOS says added "new Pentium III B step microcode"...whatever that means????

Any thoughts/advice would be appriciated. Thanks!!