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#53369 by mfonseca
Thu Aug 27, 2009 5:19 am
Hi, recently I tried eSupport for a BIOS upgrade on my old ABIT LX6 board but the new BIOS of course takes away ABIT CPU Soft Menu, but does not include any option to select both FSB and the CPU multiplier, which is fluctuating between 2 (on even boots) and 2.5 (on odd boots), and so I cannot run my PII-300 at its spec (66MHz x 4.5). It will never go higher than 166MHz (66MHz x 2.5, or 207MHz if I use the 83MHz FSB). eSupport mentions that their BIOS is supposed to recognize the CPU multiplier automatically, and of course won't provide any further help, even though it's known that for the original Klamath PII the multiplier was either selected with jumpers on the board or configured with BIOS options.

Is there a way of modding the new BIOS (which unfortunately is absolutely needed for hard disk support, and a correction for two annoying CDROM and IrDA problems) so that I could extract the "CPU Soft Menu" module from the original BIOS image and include in the new BIOS? I am familiar with CBROM and MODBIN but I cannot seem to find the right modules to extract and combine into a new superBIOS that really works. TIA,