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#47041 by ramaekd
Sat Dec 15, 2007 6:16 pm
Hi All!

I recently bought a FujitsuSiemens D-1692 board. It is (or should be) exactly the same as the TYAN S2885 board.

Unfortunately, there are some minor issues with the board:

- The CPU's are listed as 'Reserved134'
- Only one core per CPU is used
- Memory (2 x 2048MB Samsung REG ECC BUF) is recognized as 3072 MB

The system is running on the latest and last BIOS of FSC (v1.10)

Tyan has a newer BIOS, but I cannot flash that to the ROM (get an error, mentioning that the BIOS is not for the system).

Does ANYONE has a clue what I can do to get the system running on all its cores??

Many thanks in advance!


PS: since there are so much bios-guru's here: Can someone look into the bios code from FSC and maybe merge it with the new TYAN bios? Or explain me how to try it myself?