AMI Bios update needed for MS6156BX

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I have a fairly old PC with a PII 400 slot 1 processor in it & I have aquired a fully functioning PIII 650Mhz CPU & have tried to install it, but the PC does not fire up, just get a blank screen. :?

The MoBo is a MicroStar MS6156 ver 1.0 BX7 using AMIBios (American Megatrends Inc) BX

(Note: this is NOT a ZX MoBo & it does NOT have AWARD Bios)

On start up (with the P2-400) the screen comes up with : - A6156 01 V2.2B3 020999in the top left and then a long string of digits 61-0209-001169-00111111-071595-440BX-1440B000-H. along the bottom.

The current CPU PII 400 has on it 400/512/100/2.0v S1 then 19080572-0181
The PIII 650 I would like to put in it has 650/256/100/1.65v S1 then 00130214-0159

The PC manufacturer is Tiny Computers.

I have tried to contact MSI directly,but as yet have had no responce, & the only BIOS upgrades I can find are for AWARD BIOS, My PC has an AMI BIOS. :(

Can anyone help me as I would like to upgrade with the CPU I already have & at present I do not want to go down the route of ob :? taining a new MoBo & CPU.
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I'm thinking you want the MS-6156BX(MS-6156BX) link. ... =MS-6156BX

Looks like you're going to Award BIOS.
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Just for Information : Is your OEM message A615601 or A6156O1 ? > First is 0 or Zero the second is a big letter O .

You might have a problem with your Board not supporting the 1.65V the P3-650 needs so your Board does not boot .
If you have this CPU in an Adapter card set it manually to 1.8V and it should boot but may not recognize the CPu correct.
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the top left of the screen it is A615601 (it's A6156"Zero"1).

The CPU plugs staight into the MoBo - not into an adapter

How do you change from AMI bios to Award Bios ? This may be beyond my technical know how. :?
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I too have a tiny computers TI440BX system, originally with a P2 400Mhz processor. The Board is a Microstar MS6156 BX7 ver1.0 unfortunately the board is a special build for Tiny, and the MSI Bios updates will KILL your board so dont use them!!!

My Bios string was 61-1214-001169-00111111-071595-440BX-1440B000
The Original Bios was AMI

I Fortunately saved the original BIOS to disk prior to flashing, and managed to get it reprogrammed after my board was killed, but in the meantime have had a Custom Phoenix Award Bios built up by The part number for this is 6Z69KM4O (make sure you order this exact part for a TINY PC otherwise you will get the MSI one which wont work!)

I now have installed a powerleap PL-IP3/T slotket adapter and a 1.4GHZ celeron which is fully recognised by the bios and runs perfectly.

If you want to restore your original Bios suggest you contact who was very helpful.
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