k6-2 and k6-2+ what difference they have?

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How can I identify a k6-2 and a k6-2+ ? :oops:
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If it's in your PC already, then download cpuid from www.h-oda.com. It will tell you whether it is a 2 or 2+.

Or do you mean visually identify? In that case, the processor cap has a + after the 2 for a K6-2+.

The actual difference between the two is that the 2+ has 128KB L2 cache on the processor itself, running at the full speed of the processor. Any cache on the motherboard then becomes L3 cache (running at the speed of the front side bus). The K6-2 uses the motherboard cache as L2, and is thus much slower in many things. The L2 cache of the K6-2+ also means that adding memory above what is cached by the motherboard cache, doesn't result in much, if any, performance hit. With the K6-2, having more RAM than the onboard L2 can cache results in a big slowdown.

If you want to know more about optimizing the performance of your system, you should try the K6-x forum at www.amdzone.com , or the forums at k6plus.50megs.com .