Don't ask how to over-clock.
#35002 by final
Sun Nov 13, 2005 11:45 am
hello, i new here and posting for the first time here, so greatings to the members from ausria.
I hope someone can give advice to the following.
In my acer aspire 1522 was a mobile a64 3000 (81,5W - 1,5V), i changed it to a simillar cpu only 3400, same watts and voltage. The machine runs fine but sometimes it gets very hot, now i have the opportunity to buy a real mobile a64 3400 with the same socket only the cpu has 62W and voltage only 1,4.
I have the bios 1.11 on my notebook, on the prior bios 1.09 acer mentioned in the read me: BIOS v1.09 support AMD PowerNow function.

Which i think indicates that it should work, because the DTrs they build in have only quiet and cool and not powernow support. But on the other side it could also mean that the only support the mobile semprons like in a similar model aspire 1363 - is there a way to get ot which cpus are really int bios supported? thanks in advance. :lol: