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#56039 by Radio Saturn
Sat Nov 27, 2010 9:10 am
Hello Friends,

I've installed in my Complety ASUS-PC ASUS V3-P5G33 a new CPU (Core 2 Duo E8500) and now the Board shows wrong CPU Temperature (@ startup 10°C and when running 7°C or lower).
Of course that the Fanspeed of CPU-Cooler will not run over 1000 rpm and the Cooler will be very Hot.
I've already installed the newest Bios from ASUS Downloadpage (V-P5G33 0702 Bios) - The ASUS Homepage says that this BIOS supports this CPU and the wrong CPU Temperature is fixed - but i think there ist something wrong ...
I've checked the Size of CPU 2 times ... it's all right.
For Testing i've flashed Bios back to older BIOS Versions ... nothing happened - and flashed back to newest Version it's the same (CPU Temp: 7°) ...
Asus support means that i must download the latest Bios for this PC ... lol ... very, very helpfull ...

I don't know anything else ... please, please help me.

Thank You very very much
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