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#35164 by th3-mute
Tue Nov 22, 2005 6:03 pm
Hi there,
I've just done this procedure on an ASUS Vintage...
Flashed the bios to support the Sempron Rev.E 64bit CPU. This cant be
done through winflash or similiar, but had to be done by pressing ALT on
the keyboard and repeatedly tapping F2 to get into the built in BIOS flash.
Trying to do the EXACT same thing on a T2 system fails completely.
Does anyone know the key combination for the T2 system?
I dont have time to send the chip to ASUS; I'm building this PC for a
friends birthday (tomorrow night) - So any fast answer would be VERY
appreciated... (I've tried the ASUS forums already, no joy :( )

HUGE thanks in advance for any help given!