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I wanted to do a cpu upgrade, as my PIII 450mhz just wasn't cutting it anymore. Now, everywhere I look says that the Iwill BD100Plus supports 500mhz and faster, now whatever faster means I don't know.

I checked the BIOS cpu settings, and they could be set to 1 gig... so I went ahead and got a PIII 1ghz processor. When I tried to load the system after swapping the processors, it immidiatly hangs. The Monitor didn't even have enough time to get any sort of display on the screen and just stays in the stand-by mode.

So I installed my 450mhz again, and updated the bios on the BD100Plus. Now the iwill "auto" cpu settings were updated to upto 1.1ghz, so I figured that my processor would work now that I wouldnt have to manually set the cpu speed in the bios. So I switched out the processor, put in my 1ghz, and it still hangs at the startup. I don't have enough time to enter the bios before the computer just freezes and hangs there. Any suggestions at all?
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Do you have heatsink and fan properly installed when trying the new CPU?
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