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#37650 by goejdsla
Tue Mar 21, 2006 9:21 am
I have ThinkPad 600x-2645-3ek non speedstep model. (512MB RAM)
I exchanged PIII 450Mhz CPU to PIII 650Mhz.
WinXP was installed without battery (Only AC Power) after changing CPU.
Because there was stop during installation WinXP with battery, I removed battery.
I don't know why.
Another problem is also stop after installation WinXP.
My 600x stopped during booting.
When I pushed Fn+F2, booting went well.
Is there any solution to prevent stop during booting?
Cann't I use WinXP in my 600x?
(Do I comeback to the PIII450Mhz CPU if I use WinXP?)
I need your help!!!