Don't ask how to over-clock.
#36647 by Ritchie
Fri Feb 10, 2006 4:58 am
Thanks to the BIOS Numbers pages in Wim's BIOS, I have identified two boards:

Amtron PM-8800A VX PCI OR ASeagate VX (AWARD BIOS)


PC Chips M571 (AMI BIOS)

Interestingly, the first board came up as manufacturer Tyan in the manufacturer's table.

I do not require a BIOS upgrade, but am looking for some information on how to adjust the CPU voltage (or if it is automatic) so that I can support a 166MMX and 233MMX in these boards respectively. Any links to documentation would be appreciated.

I am confident that the CPUs should be supported, and the bus and clock ratios are already printed on the board. I just need to know about the CPU voltage settings.