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#32662 by smarti34
Wed Jun 22, 2005 6:43 am
I have an Intel D850EMVR motherboard, and an Intel P4 2.8 533 Mhz fsb PGA-478 cpu. All of the research indicates that the two should work together fine... However, when the technician who is helping me build this beast tests it with his diagnostic "tester", a code of 99 shows up, and nothing else happens. If he swaps in an Intel P4 2.26, the tester goes into some kind of bios post testing, and the numbers change...which tells him that my mobo doesn't support my cpu.

I have been to all of the sites I can find, and I am leaning towards the bios as the culprit. The docs I found on the Intel website state that the d850emvr needs a bios version of P15 or greater to support the 2.8ghz cpu. I suggested this to the technician, and he was nervous about changing the bios ( to do so, I assume we need to put in his 2.26, boot and then upgrade the bios?).

Is there any way to veryify what level of bios came on this motherboard? I would have assumed it was current as it is supposed to support hyper threading and rdram 1066.

I will be going back to the store tomorrow with 100 pages of doc I printed from the cd that came with the board ( which all say it is a d850emvr).