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heyall...I feel priveliged w/ the 1st message here...and a complete idiot when it comes to puters too!...

anyhow...I want to upgrade the celeron 400mhz , intel 810 chipset, FIC-CW33 Motherboard setup I have for my son's music and design work/play....all the info I can find seems old...but I beleive the FSB automatically will adjust to either 66Mhz or 100mhz depending on the processor requirements...I am running 512mb PC100-133 memory and a 45GB WD-HDrive that works fine...

what I'd like to do is upgrade the socket370 CPU to the fastest one that this setup will allow...even upgrade to a PIII if that's possible???

I have seen the evergreen technologies CPU upgrades and others, and wonder if that would be a good way to upgrade this systems performance????....mainly I just want to get the fastest processor and largest Cache available w/ o doing any other work on this system (just replace the CPU & fan...any advice is much appreciated....



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According to FIC page at ... &cw33+.htm, this board supports only PPGA CPUs - this means that Celerons upto 533MHz should work (not 533A!)
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yeah...that's what I mean...I think the fastest CPU made then was the 533mhz...but I'm hearing from these upgrade mfg's that I can install one of their 1Ghz upgrades if the FSB can be set to 100Mhz...and the manual also shows the bus speeds upto 133Mhz...

so, I still have the original, is that the fastest processor that I can install?....or will this motherboard / chipset combo run w/ an 800Mhz celeron or faster?...

and since it's a socket 370...can a pentium III be installed in it?....

Like I said, I'm basically ignorant about it all seems like magic to me anyway...I'm just trying to understand what limits the CPU choice on this system and get a definite idea of how fast a processor I can slip into this socket.... :?:
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Q: Why I can not get my system to boot with a Celeron 566 socket370 CPU with FIC CW33 or CL-31A motherboard?(06/13/2000)

A: Please be aware that Intel has a new coppermine die process (.18). For new the Celeron series CPU from 500A/533A/566/633 and above, the core voltage is 1.5V, and they are packaged in the FC-PGA form factor. These CPUs cannot work in any FIC "C" series socket 370 motherboard at all, and worse, may get burned if the power is turned on. All FIC "C" series motherboard was designed for the PPGA celeron with 2.0 core voltage support only.
FIC launched the new "F" series socket370 motherboards to support the new Intel FC-PGA CPU, Please click here to view .
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Looks like you have to spend some extra money if you want to go beyond 533:
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