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#32443 by supersonic87
Fri Jun 10, 2005 8:40 pm
have a intel 430tx chipset, with a pentium 200 mhz cpu. I also had running an AMD K6-2 chip with 64mb of ram on another computer. The problem is that the k6's motherboard does not accept SDRAM of which I have 128mb whilst the pentiums board does. The other problem is that the k6-2 isn't identified by the pentium's motherboard.

Is there a solution to this? I need the extra ram to run linux (I am aware of the tx's limitation on ram capabilities). I was hoping there is a bios upgrade I can apply to the chipset to enable the k6 (and hopefully a larger lba limit).

The code from the bottom of the screen is as follows:


it is a soyo 5xa5 board with an V4.51PG bios as far as I am aware, but the only place i seem to find a trace of a bios is on the main site, and the soyo FTP is not working.

Any help finding a newer bios (if in existance) would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,