Help please, AMD K6-2/550 not recognised (I don't think)!!

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I recently installed a K6-2/550 with 3D processor but when I switch on, the screen shows clock speed 366Mhz (my old processor size). Also, I haven't noticed any obvious difference in speed. Do I need an upgrade or reprogram of anything. I am a total novice at this. I have a MS 5182 ver.1 Motherboard and I run Windows98.
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Go to ... ME=MS-5182

and download the manual. It's in a self expanding executable file. File/Section 2 of the manual has dip switch settings for "CPU Core Speed Derivation Procedure". You can set the "CPU clock frequency" (also called front side bus) to 100 MHz, then set the "Core/Bus (Fraction) ratio" (also called multiplier) to 5.5. You may also need to set the "CPU Voltage Setting" to 2.3 Volts, which is what the K6-2 550 is supposed to have.

The manual has a diagram showing the location of these dip switches on your motherboard. The system must be off when you change these dip switches. If this doesn't work, you may need to update your BIOS as well.
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