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#27814 by Funcod
Sun Oct 10, 2004 4:27 pm
ok my motherboard is a MSI ms-6167 (slot a)
i need to flash it with the 1.6b7 bios version
cause my amd athlon thunderbird slot a 1ghz is recognized as a 962mhz
and then the screen freez (no ram check) and i cant access the bios setup with del (the keyboard seems disable) and alt-f2 neither
the current version of the bios is 1.3
so heres my question how to boot on the floppy using the boot-block?
for info i have a disk ready with those files:
io.sys msdos.sys awdfl770.exe W6167kms.167 autoexec.bat (with the command line)
and my bios is an award
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